A wide range of face & body care procedures. Thanks to special massage techniques and organism resources the skin is regenerated itself and quick, and there comes an apparent effect of rejuvenation and healing without injections, operations and chemical affects.

To your services:

-classical massage

-lymphatic drainage massage

-anti-cellulite massage

-chiroplastic massage

-plastic massage of face and neck

-facial massage

Anti-cellulite massage

It has a general therapeutic effect, facelifts, corrects the figure. Deliberate action onto fatty layer allows activating metabolic process what diminishes quantity of fat cells levelling the skin. The procedure strengthens blood circulation and lymph, stimulates formation of elastin and collagen.

Plastic massage of face and neck

Blood and lymph circulation improve, skin and muscle tightness increase. It is recommended when loose skin with low muscle tone with ageing skin. Abundance of fat tissue.

Facial massage

It solves not only cosmetic problems but also corrects overall health, has a distressing effect and charms away muscle forceps.

Chiroplastic massage of face

It is applied for liquidation of skin changes, connected with photo- and biologic ageing. It is also applied for recovery of facial shape, puffiness removal and levels the facial color.

Lymphatic drainage massage

During the lypmhatic drainage massage the lymph current accelerates thanks to which the organs and tissues defend themselves quicker from the final decay products, harmful toxins, and as a result, they get more oxygen and nutritious substances. The byproducts leave the cells under active influence, but herewith inflammatory processes cease quicker and old hydrops disappear. This procedure is recommended as a means of cellulite healing, as it is capable to clear abundances of tissue water, which gives way to orange-peel skin.

All procedures are carried out by the qualified specialist with medical education.